BuyerAssist transforms the new customer onboarding experience from manual, siloed, and outdated to digital-first, collaborative, and outcome-focused so that your customer relationships are built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and value.
Mutual Success Plan Dashboard in Buyer enablement

Impact Areas


Similar type of customers should get similar experience and outcomes. Equip your CSMs and implementations teams with client ready mutual success plan templates to automate customer onboarding.


Forecasting is central to your ability to plan your business, allocate resources and drive upsells. Know what needs to be done for each deployment at scale is critical for predictable business forecasting.


Ensure the value realization is not lost while collaborating on the details during onboarding or sales handoffs. All stakeholders including the salesperson, CSM and customers are aligned on a shared definition of outcomes

How BuyerAssist Works

Outcome alignment

Your implementation leads and CSMs align on outcomes and go-live- plan with your customers

Collaborate to deliver value

All stakeholders meticulously collaborate on each individual action item in the pursuit of value realization

Provide unprecedented transparency

Empower your customers with one-place-to-go for staying updated and contributing to the progress of the mutual success plan

Take Control Of Customer Onboarding

BuyerAssist is the new way for you to engage your buyers

BuyerAssist is a buyer engagement platform used by sales teams to engage, collaborate and align with their buyers at each step in the enterprise sales process.

We digitize ‘’Mutual Success Plans’ to drive transparency and visibility leading to faster value realization.

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