About BuyerAssist

Our mission is to help you make it extremely easy for your buyers to buy from you.

BuyerAssist is the new way for you to engage your buyers

What does BuyerAssist do?

We help you operationalize buyer-centric selling so that your sales team can make your buyers successful in less time and accelerate value creation.

And how does BuyerAssist do that?

Our Sales Execution Platform empowers sellers with tools for planning, executing and collaborating around large deals to win buyer trust and accelerate growth. Similarly, our platform helps sales managers know for sure which deals are on track and support others to get on track.

Meet Our Founders


Amit, Shankar and Shyam founded BuyerAssist to minimize the friction in B2B buyer-seller relationships that they experienced and witnessed in their previous lives helping fast growth companies and large enterprises increase seller effectiveness.
Together, they are building a global team of product designers, engineers and sales experts, committed to developing a powerful enterprise solution that helps companies transform their approach to buyer engagement.
BuyerAssist.io Founders

(L-R) Shyam, Amit and Shankar

Our Founding Principles

We are looking to partner with people and companies who share our value framework.


In Zulu, the word Ubuntu means “I am, because we are“.
We exist because of our customers and our success is measured through theirs. We also realize that we will do our best for all our customers only if we work with customers who share a common vision and aspiration. Ultimately, delivering value and creating customer champions is a source of joy and happiness for us.
Growth of mind


We never shy away from challenging the status quo.
Yet, we stay humble knowing that there is always room to improve, and stay curious to learn at every step in the way. We’re never done pursuing the best version of ourselves.
success journey


To travel is better than to arrive.
We are very serious about our work and the outcomes we deliver. But we also realize that the journey is as important as the destination. We make it a point to enjoy every minute of our journey.


Be audacious, dream big, and embrace resilience.
We believe in doing the right things no matter what the odds are. We are driven by the long term, but not at the cost of the short term.


We respect the opportunity to create an impact.
We respect the opportunity to create an impact, the access to an environment that helps us learn and get better, and the people who trust and support us every single day in so many ways possible.
we are one


We value our ability to separate the idea from the person.
This helps us challenge each other respectfully, debate fiercely over different perspectives, and bring out the best in each of us so that we can serve our customers and the company better. We strongly believe that collective genius always trumps individual brilliance.

Investors and Advisors


Better Capital


Emergent Ventures

Sequoia Surge


Stellaris Venture Partners

Brandon Calley

Brandon Calley

Bruno Trimouille

Bruno Trimouille

Lalit Singh

Lalit Singh


Mohit Garg

Sarah Bennett

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