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Learn how BuyerAssist helped Skedulo accelerate win rates by enabling the sales team with a value selling methodology with the help of using Mutual Success Plans
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Learn how BuyerAssist helped ​​Brandintelle delve into the customer-facing challenges and deliver value to their customers with a collaborative and frictionless experience.
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Regardless of their skill set, every rep can use BuyerAssist Relationship Maps easily

Richard Terry-Lloyd

Chief Revenue Officer, Narvar


BuyerAssist is operationalizing buyer-centric selling that will help us and other organizations align with buyers in a whole new way. I have enjoyed working with the BuyerAssist team over the past few months as they build the BuyerAssist platform. I am excited to see their vision come to life as they strive to transform companies to focus on what matters most to their buyers through jointly developed success plans.

Mike Krilich

Director Global Sales Ops

Chuck Marcouiller

Mutual Success Plans are where enablement meets execution. It is a critical tool as we look to operationalise MEDDICC in every single buyer engagement. We are excited to partner with BuyerAssist on automating and making mutual success plans easy for our sellers and prospects to co-create.

Chuck Marcouiller

Senior Director Revenue Enablement

Marit Parten

Head of Revenue Productivity

Best org charts for opps and accounts out there!

We’ve been working closely with the BA team to develop precisely what we want and need here at Narvar for our opportunities to assure they are tracking as we assume and hope. With our sales methodology and the Buyer Assist org charts (and eventually mutual plan), we have visibility over every stakeholder on an account. It’s now seamless to see who are key and positive influencers prospectively as well as who we may need to lean into more.

My sales team loves BuyerAssist!

Having worked on sales playbooks for the last few years, my biggest challenge was not getting sufficient visibility into how our buyers were engaging with the content we provided (i.e.), besides viewing/downloading data of course. That’s where BuyerAssist has changed our game by providing rich and granular insights into the buyer’s buying behavior patterns by looking into the context of why our buyers buy from us, what they search for, where they do it, and more. This detailed yet structured approach to insights has changed the way we create our sales enablement content for better impact.

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Ryan Pimlott

Head of Solutions Consulting Oloid AI

The Best Mutual Success Plan Software

There are three things I really like about BuyerAssist. First, our buyers love the professional-looking mutual success plans we co-create with them in BuyerAssist. It provides a way to deliver a digital experience that our buyers find helpful during the process. Second, it allows us to map out the entire account, stakeholders, and influencers and also helps to collaborate with internal teams on the best course of action to move the deal forward in conjunction with our customers. Third, our deal reviews have become more streamlined as colleagues already know the detailed plan and the level of buyers’ participation in creating the mutual plans.

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