This could be the start of a beautiful relationship

At BuyerAssist, you will get to work with a team of curious, creative, bold, and humble individuals and experience phenomenal career opportunities.

Dear Assisters*,

This is probably the beginning of a new relationship. We absolutely wish that it be a beautiful, long-lasting, and mutually rewarding one. The first step towards that is to understand each other well, and we’ll be happy to go first 🙂

Full disclosure – we are a team of work-obsessed people. That does not mean we work ourselves to death, rather it means that we look at our work as one of the strongest mediums of expressing ourselves and creating a meaningful difference. It is the way for us to channel our learning, skills, ideas, and energy towards a focused effort to solve a real problem and bring about a lasting transformation, and in this process learn more and grow. We derive real happiness from the work we do, and the outcomes it drives.

At BuyerAssist, we are proud of creating a company that enables our employees to become the best version of themselves. We believe that this happens when we get to work collaboratively with smart, inspirational people (colleagues, customers, partners) and consciously absorb from their experiences and perspectives with humility and empathy. We the founders are privileged to have gained this opportunity in our previous lives, and are deeply committed to creating a similar opportunity for everyone at BuyerAssist. We create the opportunity, you bring the attitude 🙂

We promise to constantly work towards building a work environment where anyone can express themselves freely (respectfully and sensitively) without any fear or constraint, and where every idea and suggestion is deliberated on its merit and the favorable ones are converted into actions. The company benefits when you are at your best, unhindered self, committed to driving all-round success and happiness.

We are also strong champions of bringing diverse perspectives, and constantly work to keep our inadvertent biases in check. In order to build a team that can do magical things, we want to bring together amazing people across all backgrounds, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. It is one of our most serious responsibilities as founders to work with you to build a culture that upholds and appreciates this diversity, and puts data, logic and mutual empathy at the center of our operating model to create a common language and social fabric.

If all this makes you feel at home and if you can visualize yourself to be at ease and among friends in such an environment, we’d love to chat with you!

Amit, Shankar and Shyam

* Yes, we go by ‘Assisters’! We believe that no one wins alone, it is in the pursuit of assisting the success and happiness of other people (colleagues, customers, family etc.) that one finds their own. We also go by another name – Bad Ass! We are uncompromising when it comes to having fun and being cool in the workplace!

More than just a job

The core objective of the BuyerAssist benefit program is to create an environment where our colleagues find happiness and professional gratification every single day that they are a part of this journey. Our approach to employee benefits is a reflection of how we want to treat our colleagues.

Define and control your destiny

OKR driven culture where you know your role in company’s success.

Constantly get better at your job

Investment into your continuous learning and development.

Prevent burnout and maximize productivity

Company sponsored physical and mental wellness programs.

Take care of you and your loved ones

Fully covered health insurance and wellness benefits for you and your family.

Short and long term financial wellness

Competitive salary and stock options.

Unwind, recharge, and bolt

Flexible leave policy that adapts to your working style.

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