How Large Deals Are Won

You know your CRM isn’t enough to win enterprise deals. And your sales team is using 10 different tools to run complex cycles. BuyerAssist Sales Execution Platform combines best practices needed to win buyer trust, collaborate internally, and automate CRM data-entry so that you can continue to grow faster.

Opportunity Success Plans
Enterprise opportunity execution made easy

BuyerAssist powers a collaborative approach to executing and winning large deals. Ensure your frontline team and their sales managers are following the sales methodology to drive strategic sales execution and deliver great buyer experience.

Proven template that is
used by 100s of sellers

Champion Enablement
Enable champions to win deals

Don’t leave champion enablement to chance. Drive sellers with a structured approach to identify, create, and enable champions to be your inside voice when you’re not in the room.

Sales War Rooms
Maximize win probability with
deal clinics

Transform big deal review meetings to follow a consistent model, cadence, and culture. Deal team can review and collaborate around opportunity context, relationship maps, and asks as per best practice to maximize the effectiveness of deal clinics.

The one thing your managers
can do to help win big deals

Deal Coaching
Reinforce winning behaviors with
in-deal coaching

Equip managers to know for sure which deals are on track and support others to get on track.

Systematize Account Reviews
Automate opportunity review decks

Help account executives avoid redundant tasks by automating the creation of account and opportunity plan decks for QBR presentations using existing information in BuyerAssist.

Customer Success Handoff
Avoid critical information being lost in translation

Replace over-simplified summaries of complex buying priorities from seller recall with automatically documented deal narratives containing buyer-verified information on executive priorities, milestones, key use-cases, go-live date, and roll-out strategy in one place.

Deploy Sales Methodolgy
Drive sales methodology adoption

Maximize the ROI of your sales methodology investments by ensuring your sellers are able to visualize and follow the sales methodology within your CRM integrated with Mutual Success Plans.

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